Below you will find a list of currently available animals. We attempt to keep the list as current as possible, but it is always a good idea to contact us before making a trip to the store. If we are not listing what you are looking for, feel free to request an animal and we will do what we can to acquire it for you.


Common NameScientific NameSizePrice
Bearded Dragons - Orange and Yellow - Juvenile Pagona vitticeps$99.99
Bearded Dragon -Leather Back Pogona vitticeps4"$119.99
Crested Gecko - BabiesRhacodactylus ciliatus2-3"$129.99
Crested Gecko-PinstripeRhacodactylus ciliatus6"$289.99
Crested Gecko - Sub-adult MaleRhacodactylus ciliatus6"$199.99
Cuban Knight Anole - Captive Breed BabiesAnolis equestris5"$89.99 - Sale $59.99
Leopard Gecko- TangerineEublepahris macularisBaby$69.99
Leopard Gecko-Mack Snow RaptorEublepharis MaculariusBaby$89.99
Leopard Gecko - Albino Eublepharis maculariusBaby$99.99
Jones Armadillo LizardCordylus t. jonesi2"$49.99
Savannah Monitor - BabyVaranus exanthematicus4"+$79.99
Jeweled Lacerta - C.B. JudiLacerta lepida4-5"$249.99
Tokay Gecko - AdultGekko gecko$39.99


Common NameScientific NameSizePrice
Western Hognose Heterodon nasicusBabies$149.99
Ball Python - Normal - Sub adult MalePython regius$74.99
Ball Python - Caramel - MalePython regius$249.99
Ball Python - Pinstripe - 2014-FemalePython regius$249.99
Ball Python- Woma - 2014FemalePython regius$249.99
Corn Snake - Striped - Male Elaphe guttata guttataAdult$99.99
Corn Snake - NormalElaphe guttata guttata$49.99
Kingsnake - Albino Califorina Kingsnake - Female Lampropeltis getula californiae$149.99
Rat Snake Elaphe obsoleta lindheimerii89.99


Common NameScientific NameSizePrice
Peppermint Pac-ManCeratophrys cranwelli$79.99

*Prices are subject to change at our discretion depending on availability or quantities.